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The fineness of monitor


netdata v1.31.0 Linux on my IOT device


The netdata is useful, I can use it to monitor my system conveniently. But I have to see some metric more specifically, not just on the system level, but the process or thread information.
I know that netdata may provide a method to monitor process, where can I find the examples. And if I want to monitor thread just like the window tools “Process Explorer” do, how can i do.

What I expected to happen

Find a way to use netdata to monitor process and thread. Thanks.

Welcome @HR1025 !

Is this any use to you: Monitor any process in real-time with Netdata | Learn Netdata

I think you can config the plugin to match a specific process and then have a separate dimension for that process on the relevant charts.

Thanks. I try and find it useful. Now I use netdata to monitor the major process I run my IOT device. :grinning:

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