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Does Netdata support monitoring process scheduling?

How to monitor process scheduling with Netdata?

Hi @wangpei-nice

Could you elaborate on what monitoring process scheduling is?

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Hi @ilyam8
For example, when the desktop system is stuck, I hope to know the current system process scheduling priority situation through Netdata, so as to provide some reference for optimizing the process scheduling to make sure the desktop system works smoothly.
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Hm, I would recommend keeping an eye on System Load Average and Pressure Stall Information charts:

  • System->load (load average)
  • System->cpu (CPU PSI)
  • System->disk (IO devices PSI)
  • System->ram (Memory PSI)

Perhaps it is not what you want, but read the articles about those metrics.

make sure the desktop system works smoothly

Well, checking basic system metrics is enough: CPU, Memory, Disks.

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Thank you very much for your advice.