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Cannot reinstall Netdata using Brew on macOS...says no cask

Had an issue with my MacOS server and had to reinstall Netdata using the Brew install netdata command it it came back with no formulae or casks with that name…

Is Netdata no longer supported on MacOS via Brew?

Hello @JGamache - welcome!

Can you share some output or a screenshot with any more info?

@Austin_Hemmelgarn might know a bit more about installing on MacOS via Brew.

Sounds like the same issue discussed at

In short:

  • Probably a broken installation of Homebrew itself, reinstalling Homebrew may fix things.
  • Homebrew is actually out of date right now (they have 1.29.3, latest is 1.31.0).
  • The official install script (see the official docs for more info on that) mostly works, provided you specify a usable install prefix, although there are a handful of smaller quality of life type things that are still missing from our macOS support.

Hi Austin,

Thank you very much for your reply…I finally had to nuke HomeBrew on my server and NetData and reinstall both from scratch and it seems to work now.

I wish I could get 1.31 but I am happy that I can get Netdata to work again.

Hey Andrew,

I basically deleted both Homebrew and Netdata completely and reinstalling seemed to solve the problems.