Can't access Kubernetes external host

I’m a newbie to Kubernetes and NetData. I have netata running in a kubernetes cluster, and I can access the local agent from a browser pointed to :19999.

What I’d like to do is access netdata by using External Host.

I’m running nginx for ingress, and Metallb for a load balancer. If I update netdata like so:
helm upgrade --set service.type=LoadBalancer
–set ingress.annotations=“”
netdata netdata/netdata

And run kubectl get svc, I see
netdata LoadBalancer 19999:30500/TCP 18m

But when I try to access - all I get are timeouts.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot would be appreciated!


It seems to be working and you should get access to netdata parent. I did the same, but with one exception instead of MetalLB I’ve chosen a different provider and it is working.

The service netdata in Kubernetes isn’t extraordinary, so if you have any other LoadBalancer service up and running this one will also should be ok.

best regards

Turns out this was an easy fix. I had neglected to set up an L2Advertisement in metallb. Once I did that and set service type to LoadBalancer, everything works fine