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Changed my computer name and now is "Unreachable"

I installed an Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10 and I installed netdata using this terminal, claimed the node and I was able to see the information from my browser. Today I changed my PC name because it was “Desktop” and a bunch of numbers and letters but then, I realized that this node was “Unreachable”, I thought that claiming again will solve the problem but it said that the node was already claimed.
I have another node that I can still see the metrics, but the node on the PC where I changed the name appears as “unreachable”

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS terminal on Windows 10
Mozilla Firefox 86.0.1

I expected that changing the name wouldn’t affect the node or just claiming again the node will solve that, even if the node appears twice, one with the old name and as “unreachable” and another with the new name working as intended

IMHO there must be sth. else going on. Just changing the hostname should not break things. You normally do not need a new claim after changing the hostname (we identify the node by its uuid and claimed_id not by hostname)

I tested changing hostname and it worked for me (using docker), see Recreated docker container to change hostname, got multiple unreachable nodes - #3 by ilyam8

You normally do not need a new claim

I confirm it. Delete/re-create a container with a new hostname does’t trigger claiming (b/c /var/lib/netdata/cloud.d/claimed_id exists)

I understand that my test using docker is different, but decided it is worth to share.

@HenrikhWolf Please share a step-by-step guide, so we can reproduce it.