Child metrics export

just starting to test netdata.

is it not possible to see all the child-nodes from parents /api/v1/allmetrics?
bit of a hassle when having alot of childs and need to for example scrape /host/-child-/api/v1/allmetrics for every child.

or will netdata forward metrics differently if i choose another export? example prometheus remote write or another timeDB?

oooor am i totally missing something here? :slight_smile:

Hi, @ic3cool. It is possible when exporting in Prometheus format - /api/v1/allmetrics?format=prometheus_all_hosts

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Boom! Spot on!
Knew i was missing something, thank you

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Iā€™m new to netdata as well. :joy:

Is that possible to export child-nodes metrics to Mongodb?

There is no data transferred to my Mongodb after I turn on Stream, it seems that child-nodes metrics can only be exported in Prometheus format.