[feat] Prometheus: exporter: allow to disable average for some metrics


Some metrics should exclude averages, for example network interface speed.
For example, 1Gbit network interface may have only: 1000/100/10Mbit/s speed. When some network equipment to starts flapping, the average value of network link speed is annoying, because looks like this:

It will be nice, if netdata knew about that and never expose values like this, or I admins can setup to export some metrics only as non_average, for example:

    send charts matching = *
    send charts raw = *net_speed* 


Hello @k0ste ,

Thank you for your suggestion, I loved it.
Please, go to our github and create a Feature Request for this. I am going to work with Prometheus and other exporters this week and I will discuss with our product team to bring this new feature.

Best regards!

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@k0ste Hey. Why don’t you just use &source=raw? I expect collecting all the metrics in a raw (as collected) format is what a prometheus user would do.

Because this “feature of netdata” - the reason “why I use netdata” and always try to make Prometheus module better. The average values between 15s window scrapes can show you peaks of some kind of load. This is what node_exporter can’t do

average - this data source uses the Netdata database to send the metrics to Prometheus as they are presented on the Netdata dashboard. So, all the metrics are sent as gauges, at the units they are presented in the Netdata dashboard charts. This is the easiest to work with.

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Hi @Thiago_Marques_0, [Feat]: Prometheus: exporter: allow to disable average for some metrics · Issue #15153 · netdata/netdata · GitHub
Thank you!

I just subscribe that this functionality is still needed