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Cloud slow responses this morning?

This morning, from a few different ISPs, am seeing very slow responses from It’s a bit intermittent, every once in a while its great for a few seconds — but other times it takes the page many minutes to load. A simple time curl took 47s.

Is the cloud service having some sort of issue this morning? doesn’t show anything wrong.

I am having a similar issues, the page just hangs for ages and sometimes doesn’t load at all.

Same here - had a few nodes unable to reach Netdata cloud on and off, they’re back now but whilst I was trying to repair them I was getting timeouts.

Performing a wget on was just hanging too - seems like there is some kind of intermittent issue?

Hello everyone @Jonathan_Spicer and @derobert,

I am sorry that you encountering issues, it’s indeed unfortunate. Thanks for pointing this out!

I am talking internally with our engineers and will let you know once we have more information!