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This alert presents the percentage of used usable storage space allocated on CockroachDB.

If you receive this alert, it means that the usable space for CockroachDB is being highly utilized.

  • This alert is raised to warning when the metric exceeds 85%.
  • If the percentage of used usable storage space exceeds 95%, then the alert is raised to critical.

Definition of “size” on CockroachDB:

The maximum size allocated to the node. When this size is reached, CockroachDB attempts to
rebalance data to other nodes with available capacity. When there’s no capacity elsewhere,
this limit will be exceeded. Also, data may be written to the node faster than the cluster
can rebalance it away; in this case, as long as capacity is available elsewhere, CockroachDB
will gradually rebalance data down to the store limit.1

References and Sources
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Troubleshooting Section

Increase the space available for CockroachDB data

You can use the option --store=path<YOUR PATH>,size=<SIZE> Make sure to replace the “YOUR PATH”
with the actual store path and “SIZE” with the new size you want to set CockroachDB to.