Configure memory in use in Grafana Integration

How to configure Grafana to display the percentage of memory used on the server
Or if you have Grafana Integration examples or documentation

Hi @Rodrigo_Buch ,

In this case it seems you’re referring system.ram, this metric is tracking RAM across multiple dimensions and reporting it MiB (see the hint on the Unit field), you can also check the Netdata chart for that. In your case since you specified a dimension selector you are checking just the used value.

In Netdata Cloud we don’t have a metric that directly gives you that out-of-the box or added functionality to specify to the Node that you want a percentage. We have an example on System Overview section where, behind the scenes, we are asking to get a percentage value from the Node(s)

In this initial iteration of the Netdata data source plugin we haven’t also exposed the possibility to define expressions on your “query builder” section, like for example Prometheus allows

So unfortunately isn’t possible to display that percentage in Grafana at the moment.

You could build a dashboard with system.ram selecting the used dimension and also add the mem.available to plo the available memory per host, for sure not the same thing… Something like:

If you have some specific requirements or suggestions to enhance the plugin please share them by opening an issue(s) at Issues · netdata/netdata-grafana-datasource-plugin · GitHub.