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Custom alarm only sending notification when event stays true for x time


I’m trying to get an alarm to send an notification only when the event stays true for 5min.
To be more specific: I’m monitoring the temperature and usage of the CPU.
It is not uncommon for the CPU to hit high temperatures for a pretty short time several times a day. This is fine because this doesn’t really cause any problem. If the CPU runs at a very high temperatue for a few minutes it can cause some problems tho.
Now I’m getting alerts every time the CPU goes above 64 Celcius.
Is there a way to make the alarm only activate when the temperature is above 64 for 5min?

alarm: cpu_temp
on: sensors.temp_thermal_zone0_thermal_thermal_zone0
class: System
component: CPU
type: Utilization
os: linux
hosts: *
lookup: max -1m
units: Celsius
every: 1m
delay: up 5m down 5m multiplier 1.5 max 1h
crit: $this > (($status == $CRITICAL) ? (60) : (64))
info: CPU temperature monitoring.
to: sysadmin

Hey, try lookup: average -5m

For some reason doesn’t work