Custom health check not loading




I’ve created a custom health check:

alarm: last_backup_success
   on: filecheck_last_backup_success.file_mtime_ago
 calc: $collected_total_raw
 warn: $this > 2300
 crit: $this > 2400

I can see the contents of the file within the Netdata docker, e.g.

docker compose exec netdata bash
cat /etc/netdata/health.d/cron_status.conf

But the alarm isn’t loading. Not after restarting the Docker, and also not when executing netdatacli reload-health. I’m also not seeing anything related to this file in the logs. I’ve tried:

docker compose logs netdata | grep health.d
docker compose logs netdata | grep cron_status

But it’s like the file doesn’t exist.

What I expected to happen

The alarm to show up at least in /api/v1/alarms?all or the dashboard. Or an error in the logs.


Well, turns out I just wasn’t thinking straight! Should have filtered the logs on the alarm’s name, not the file name. This gave some more insights:

docker logs netdata | grep last_backup_success

My alarm needed an every key. :smile:

Glad you figured it out @Xatom, thanks!