Custom health alarm not recognized by Netdata on all systems

I’m having a very strange problem where a custom heath alarm is being recognized by Netdata on only some systems but not others. All the systems are identical in configuration (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Netdata 1.31.0).

This is the alarm I have defined under /etc/netdata/health.d/postfix.conf

template: postfix_local_queue
      on: postfix.qemails
   every: 10s
    calc: $emails
    warn: $this > 500
    crit: $this > 3000
      to: sysadmin
  repeat: warning 1800s critical 300s
    info: number of emails in the postfix queue

This is how it shows up on some systems:

On other systems it’s missing

I tried clearing cache, using alternate browser, restarting the servers. Nothing changes.
It’s strange isn’t it?

Answering my own question… the solution is that when using streaming the custom health check/alarm needs to be installed on the server and not the clients.