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default values for pihole monitoring

By default NetData polls the pihole web interfaces every 1 seconds.
This is far to aggressive for three reasons:

  1. Pihole data isn’t the sort of data that needs real-time updates/resolution.
  2. The polling hits the lighttpd access.log and spams that log making it useless for it’s intended purpose.
  3. The log grows very large very quickly (bearing in mind that pihole is typically deployed on raspberry pi’s with typically limited storage).

Could you please make the default something a little more gentle?
I can only speak for myself but at most I would want 1 minute resolution.

Just to give some context of why this matters:

I run my pihole on a Raspberry Pi 4. I also use log2RAM to minimise writes destined to /var/log/
To do that log2RAM effectively creates a RAMdisk.
I set mine to 350MB and over 100MB of that ended up being the access.log entries generated by the NetData agent. Aside from the fact that the logs now roll over so fast that I wouldn’t catch a dodgy entries even if I wanted to :grinning:

Yup, set it to 60 before I posted. But whoever authors that plugin ought to change the default value because otherwise the access.log for the pihole lighttp becomes useless from a security perspective (aside from the effect it’ll have on the SD card).

Should be able to modify the config to poll as often as you like, I think you should be able to set the update_every option in the config.