pihole: monitoring additional sqlite instances


By default, Netdata monitors its own sqlite instance.
However, pihole has its own sqlite instance too.
Would it be possible to get the same detailed sqlite stats that one finds under the “Netdata Monitoring > sqlite3” menu of the web UI?
I’m particularly interested in db size on disk, which isn’t a metric collected in the existing collector for “Netdata Monitoring”.

This could be added to the pihole ‘collector’ but perhaps a more generic method for any arbitrary sqlite instance would be useful too?

Hi @Luis_Johnstone

That’s an interesting suggestion. I suppose a generic sqlite collector could be developed, but it would need some investigation and planning. Would you be ok with opening a feature request at GitHub - netdata/netdata: Real-time performance monitoring, done right! https://www.netdata.cloud and continue the discussion there?

Hey, @Luis_Johnstone.

I’m particularly interested in db size on disk

You can use filecheck for that.