Whm shared hosting monitoring


I’ve installed netdata on serveral of our servers and now i’m wondering if i’ve missed something. Most of our servers are centos 7 with WHM and i was wondering how to monitor disk,cpu,ram and mysql usage per account so i can see wich account has used what instead of an overall view.

Does anybody have an idea?


Hi, @wiziekid. Not sure what WHM accounts are, but Netdata has apps.plugin and it collects CPU, memory, disk, etc. usage per user. It is enabled by default and you can see its metrics on the Dashboard under the “Users” section. Does it work for your case?

Hello @ilyam8,

Thanks for your response, ik kinda works. Ik can see the different cpu and disk.

What i would like to monitor is the mysql, i can see the read write join commit over the whole sql socket but in WHM/cpanel the different accounts seperate hosting account with there own disk space (where i would like to know how much disk space is used per user (/home/account1/* /home/account2/* )), they work within php-fpm pool and start there own php proces owned by user account 1 or account2 wich i would like to see how many processes are running for the different accounts and how much ram/cpu usage they have.
within elasticsearch i would like to know how many different node/indexes there are and if i can see the requests/healt per index.

and last the mysql monitoring is an overall monitor of the whole mysql socket. is there a possibility to monitor the usage per database and or database-user? instead of the whole mysql proces?

kind regards wiziekid

I know that MariaDB exports users statistics. If you have it configured you get the following charts (per user):

  • CPU Time in percentage
  • Rows Operations in operations/s
  • Commands in commands/s

If those are not mountpoints but directories, you can use filecheck to monitor the directories size.

yes only i’m using mysql and not mariadb, do you know it for mysql aswell?

I googled “MySQL user statistics” and found this

MySQL :: MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0 Manual :: 29.5 User Statistics

Seems like an enterprise version feature only.

And percona-server

Percona Server for MySQL is a free, fully compatible, enhanced, and open source drop-in replacement for any MySQL database.

has user statistics

User Statistics

If there is a way to gather MySQL Server per user statistics - we can add it. So far I couldn’t find how to do it.