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Disable all docker monitoring except network

Hey, i want to disable all the notifications for the docker containers that runs on my machine, except the network, for it i want to be example: if using 100mb for more than 5 minutes it will send a notification

read this Step 5. Health monitoring alarms and notifications | Learn Netdata, but it looks very complicated.

Thank you, Alex

Do you need to keep alarms for system network interfaces?

Yeah i want the alarms for the machine itself to be on, and disable the alarms for the docker containers (except the network in the containers, and that will be on timer, if container is using 100mb for 5 minutes, it will send an alarm)

does anyone has idea?

does anyone has idea?

If you want to disable alarms for docker container network interfaces, you need to set families: !net* * in every alarm in health.d/net.conf configuration file (you can use /etc/netdata/edit-config health.d/net.conf).

If you need to disable all other alarms for cgroups, set hosts: !* in cgroups.conf.

disable the alarms for the docker containers except for the network in the containers

@z4cH3r Here is Configure health alarms documentation.


[ilyam@pc netdata]$ pwd
[ilyam@pc netdata]$ sudo ./edit-config health.d/cgroups.conf
[sudo] password for ilyam:
Copying '/opt/netdata/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d/cgroups.conf' to '/opt/netdata/etc/netdata/health.d/cgroups.conf' ...
Editing '/opt/netdata/etc/netdata/health.d/cgroups.conf' ...

# I changed the 'host' option in the prev step, let's check it

[ilyam@pc netdata]$ grep hosts health.d/cgroups.conf
    hosts: !*
    hosts: !*

# restart Netdata to apply the changes
[ilyam@pc netdata]$ sudo systemctl restart netdata