Monitor if a container is alive

Good community, I would like to control with an alert to slack when I drop a container.

But I would like to create an alarm to know if it is alive or not but I don’t understand Docker container monitoring with Netdata | Netdata Blog

I should make edit a cpu.conf
alarm: cpu_template
on: apps.cpu
lookup: average -1m percentage foreach squid-cache
every: 1s
warn: $this = 0
crit: $this = 0
repeat: warning 7200s critical 3630s
to: sysadmin

This is wrong… I wouldn’t know what condition to calculate. Thank you very much

Finally I created the next configuration…
alarm: health status Proxy-squid
on: apps.cpu
lookup: min -10s match-names of squid-cache
every: 10s
crit: $this = nan AND $this != 0
repeat: critical 3630s
units: processes
info: The squid-cache process is not sending metrics
to: sysadmin

Works correctly , thanks colleagues