Disk activity every second since last version

I am having disk access problems on a Dell server with 2 disks (one for the system and one for the backup), the backup disk is called approximately every second, yet it is only used once a day for 10 minutes for the backup, this appeared since the last update of Netdata 1.45.4, if I stop netdata, there is no longer any activity on this disk (the LED no longer flashes every second), if I restart Netdata The LED starts flashing every second. see picture,
OS: Debian 12
Netdata On:

If Netdata is stopped I no longer see the hard drive LED flashing every second on the front of the server

I’m afraid this will cause premature wear of the disc,
Thanks for your help

Hi. What version did you update from?

I didn’t pay attention, the update was done when I updated the server with the command basic apt-get update && apt-get full-upgrade. but I always use the latest stable version of Netdata. and my server is updated once a week,
Is there a way to check this with log files?

This is v1.45.4 changelog - I don’t see anything that could be a problem.

I am not sure how to help, try disabling collectors one by one and see if that helps. To do that, find the [plugins] section in netdata.conf .

I’m going to try your advice, I’ll come back to you as soon as I have anything new. THANKS

I just followed your advice and it is the python.d plugin which creates this activity on the disk, when the python.d plugin is deactivated there are no more calls to the disk every second

hi , by deactivating python.d many measures no longer work, how to analyze the problem more precisely

Hi, @Cisco30. You do it the same way as before

try disabling collectors one by one and see if that helps.

I will follow your advice ,I will tell you the result when I have found the collector which is causing the problem