Dockerized netdata does not show additional mounted disk

We have a dockerized setup with one parent and a couple of childs. All nodes on nightly.

The disk usage metric for extra disks mounted on the host is not working for us. We researched a while and found multiple discussions about this topic. But non of those discussions gave us the relevant insights how to configure things right.

What we did on one node which is a docker host with an additional disk mounted on /var/lib/docker is to configure this mount in the docker-compose.yml:

      - /:/host/root:ro # Get all mounts

The data under disks and mount points changes, but it is not clear for us what we see. E.g. accumulation of disk size does not reflect the real situation on the host.

in order not to go into details for now, first a question. Is this the official way for disk monitoring of the host in a dockerized setup?