Problems diskspace no monitoring

Hi, I have been trying for a few days to create disk space alerts on my netdata container but I can’t manage to monitor the independent disks. I add my netdata.conf

I activate the diskspace on /services/images which is on the /dev/sdh1 disk.
It doesn’t work, do you see any bug ?

space usage = yes
inode usage = yes

[plugin:proc:diskspace:/dev/sdh1 ]
space usage = yes
inode usage = yes

On the other hand this one does appear:
# space usage = auto
# inodes usage = auto

In the diskspace.plugin I have it as follows…

# remove graphs from unmounted disks = yes
# update every = 1
# check for new mount points every = 15
# exclude space metrics on paths = /proc/* /sys/* /var/run/user/* /run/user/* /snap/* /var/lib/docker/*
# exclude filesystem space metrics = *gvfs gluster *s3fs *ipfs *davfs2 *httpfs *sshfs *gdfs *moosefs fusectl autofs
space usage for all disks = yes
inode usage for all disks = yes

Thank you very much for your time

Please check your effective configuration at the http://localhost:19999/netdata.conf endpoint

If you run Netdata in a container, the following information can be helpful for you

Thank you very much, now I can monitor the units. Thank you vlvkobal