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How to get only memory usage and disk space of a machine

I just want to limit the metrics to get only memory usage and disk space. Our VM is running on Azure and they do not have that kind of monitoring on their portal.

You can disable all plugins except diskspace and proc in the [plugins] section in netdata.conf and disable all modules except /proc/meminfo in the [plugin:proc] section.

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Here is a helpful documentation page on how to disable plugins:

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Hi vlvkobal!

By disabling it, you mean I should un-comment it then set to “no”?

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you got me for a minute. YEs, please do that!

Thank you! I already did that and restarted the netdata service. However I now am unable to see the metrics for my wmi exporter which monitors a separate Windows OS lol. I wonder under what specific config is that for?

Never mind it got it already. I enabled go.d on the [plugins] side :smiley: