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Diskspace metrics are empty on the cloud monitor display

The diskspace plugin is activated, as to see in netdata.conf:

# remove charts of unmounted disks = yes
# update every = 1
# check for new mount points every = 15
# exclude space metrics on paths = /proc/* /sys/* /var/run/user/* /run/user/* /snap/* /var/lib/docker/*
# exclude space metrics on filesystems = *gvfs gluster *s3fs *ipfs *davfs2 *httpfs *sshfs *gdfs *moosefs fusectl autofs
# space usage for all disks = auto
# inodes usage for all disks = auto

# space usage = auto
# inodes usage = auto

However if I add a metrics as netdata.plugin_diskspace then it appears with a unit of GiB in the header about the block of the charts, but no chart appears for disk space.

All other charts as system.cpu, mem.available, disk.sdb, disk.sda, etc. appear correctly.

Hey @nagyt234,

That indeed sounds weird. Can you please verify that you can view the chart in the dashboard of the node (both Agent and Cloud).

Hi @OdysLam ,

thanks for the quick reply.

I see all disks on then right side under Disks if the tab of the appropriate node is selected and if I select a file system, I see space utilization, e.g. for the root file system “Disk Space Usage for / [/dev/sda1] (disk_space._)” . That is OK and it is the same on the local dashboard and on the cloud dashboard.

But I thought, that the disk usage per node could be displayed also on the cloud dashboard if the Nodes tab is selected, similarly as the Total Disk I/O can be displayed for all individual disks, as I’ve shown it on my attached screenshot in the original question. So I could reformulate the question:

How can I achieve that the diagram of the free space of the root file system appears in the individual rows of the nodes?

PS: But anyway. I just know about Netdata since yesterday and I’m already a fan of it. Congratulation.

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Interesting that the charts appeared suddenly, see the attached screenshot. The context is and not netdata.plugin_diskspace, dimensions is avail. So it seems to work.


Hey, so the dimension appeared without you interfering? If that is so, I will ping our engineering team to take a look at this thread.

P.S thanks for your kind words!

Hi @nagyt234 ,

Thank you for using netdata cloud! My name is Christos, I’m an engineer in the cloud backend team. I’m glad you managed to achieve to get the charts you needed.

It sometimes requires a refresh on the page to fetch the data for newly introduced metric columns. We’re looking into ways to improve this, so we would appreciate any feedback you have.

Kind regards,