Email notifications stopped working

Since first of March, the email alert stopped working on our space.

Under notification in my account, I see this notice: “E-mail notifications for this space has been disabled by admin”

On the notification methods of the space, we only have the “Email” method. And it’s active. We can’t edit or remove this method.

What’s happening?
How can we fix this?

Hi @mrtncls , can you send me by DM your space ID?

You can find the space ID at the space configuration at the Info menu:

Seems we’re also no longer getting the login emails.

Hi @mrtncls, thanks for sending me the information.

Your space configuration is properly set, and we’ve been generating notifications for your space for all the accounts associated to it.

The problem was that all the emails associated with accounts in this space had been added to the bounces list by our email provider (Sendgrid). We’re not sure why these emails ended up in this list. This is what Sendgrid says about bounces:

The receiving server could not or would not accept the message. If a recipient has previously unsubscribed from your emails, your attempt to send to them is bounced.

You can find more information about bounces here

In order to fix the issue, we’ve removed the emails from this list, so you should be able to receive them from this moment.

Please reach out if you don’t start receiving emails for new alerts.

Thanks for contacting us!

“E-mail notifications for this space has been disabled by admin”
Hi, I have the same error. Am getting a small number of emails through but something is amiss.
Can this be fixed please.

Hi @gjr02 , thanks for contacting us.

We are displaying the error “E-mail notifications for this space has been disabled by admin” everytime by mistake, we have identified the problem and are working on fixing it. Will post when the fix is released.


Hi @gjr02, we’ve released the fix to avoid showing the message by mistake on all spaces.

Thanks for contacting us.