Not receiving alert emails

I setup netdata using docker and tested sendmail and received the test email alerts but I do not reccive emails for genuine alerts. I then discovered that a cloud account will do it for you so I re-installed fresh and signed up but I still do not receive alerts but I do get alerts when a host goes down. After following docs on setting it up.

I tried to create another account using a different address but when I try to create a user I get the error “utrusted uri”

Please help I have spend all day looking for more information thinking it must be something obvious but it really is not.

Could you share with me your email address? Please send it to

You could also confirm if you have all the settings in Netdata Cloud ok (by default they should)

  • Space settings: confirm emails is enabled as notification methods

  • User notification settings: confirm you have

    • e-mail enabled
    • “All Alerts and unreachable” for the rooms that have the nodes you want to get notifications from

@Dale_892 thanks for sharing your email, I was able to confirm that in fact no email is being triggered from our side and was able to check the events related to alert state transitions and it from the couple that I saw, ram_available, out_of_disk_space_time and 10min_qos_packet_drops these are defined with the alert role as silent.

You can probably confirm that if you to an alert transition event on the Events tab and checking the event details to confirm (we are currently having an issue displaying the attributes but you can get the JSON)

Example of one that triggers a notification:

When Cloud receives these events from the agent it will not trigger a notification since these are configured to be silenced. You can more check this definition here - Configure alerts | Learn Netdata

Hope this helps