Email alerts not working

Hello. I just setup Netdata today for quite a few hosts. There have been some warnings throughout the day but none of the alert emails seem to be sending and I am not sure why. I checked other similar questions in the forum but couldn’t find anything that helps.

Some screenshots of my config where, so far as I can tell, the emails are setup to send:

And then my events page as an example, I’ve clicked an event. I did notice this ‘silent’ role which seems like it may have something to do with the alert not sending but can’t figure out how to turn that off or why it would be turned on in the first place by default.

I have of course double checked my email and spam folder as well. I did get an alert when a host lost connection but not these warnings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @vaunus

As noted, yes, that particular alert has been set to silent. You can change that to e.g. sysadmin, there’s more information on how to do that in Configure alerts | Learn Netdata

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Also has a reference, there was recently a PR to review the stock alerts and see which alerts should (as per our understanding) notify/awake people remove the noise by silencing alerts that dont need to wake up people by ktsaou · Pull Request #15590 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

As @Manolis_Vasilakis mentioned, if you find some that you would like to get notified on change the role to something else other than silent