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Alarm notifications not working(should be easy to fix)


I’m trying to get an email automatic when my configured alarms go off. The alarms look good to me but when I’m running

sudo su -s /bin/bash netdata

/usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/ test [ROLE]

I get as output:

Can someone help me out?



So the issue appears that you are testing the alarm-notify script, but you haven’t setup the alerts

For email specifically:

I’ve already visited those sites but I still cannot figure it out :unamused:


Maybe it is good to say that I’m using custom alerts.
I don’t know if the alert to mail work different with custom alerts?



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Netadta by default will execute the script every time an alert is triggered.

If you haven’t configured that script, no notifications will be sent.

For email, you should follow the following guide. Can you please respond with the output of the test, as it is defined in the following link?

I’ve already send you the output in the first question

Thanks for your replies @OdysLam,

I finaly fixed the problem.
Had to reclaim the node and it worked just fine.

Kind regards,