Problems with some email notifications

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I want to send mail via smstp. Through the test script (, it is found that it is normal, but when netdata has a warning, it does not send me an email. My level is very poor. Can someone help me?

@laixi : Can you provide some more details that will help us in debugging this issue?

  1. Is your node (agent) connected to the Cloud?
  2. If so, can you check from the settings if your “Space” has enabled mail notifications?
  3. Also can you check your profile notification settings if you have “All alerts” enabled for your space or “Only Critical”?
  4. If this is more an issue on the agent, we would like to get the configuration of the alert that you are trying to receive a notification for. Or is this issue relevant to all alerts with Warning level?


Thanks for your answer, my node (agent) is not connected to the cloud. I’m going to connect to the cloud, and finally ask, must my node be connected to netdatacloud to send notifications?

@laixi : You don’t need to connect to the Cloud to receive notifications but will need to setup your mail agent on Netdata so the notifications can be sent. The first task is to make sure the sendmail command works on your node and is able to send mails?
Since you are using msmtp (I assume this is what you meant by smstp?), you will need to provide the path to msmtp binary in the health_alarm_notify.conf file for sendmail as mentioned in the link below:


Thanks for your answer, I solved the problem by modifying the location of one of the files.。
mv ~/.msmtprc /etc/msmtprc

error message found in file /var/log/netdata/error.log

(msmtp:account default not found: no configuration file available)


chmod 644 ~/.msmtprc

mv ~/.msmtprc /etc/msmtprc

@laixi : I am glad you were able to solve your issue. Have a great end to the year!