I no longer receive notifications is ...

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I don’t receive any more notifications about the checks of my different servers, do I have to give my email address to know what’s going on?


Hi @MisterM ! :slight_smile:

You might need to provide more detail for these guys to help you.
First off, are you talking about alerts sent from the netdata cloud or through some other method (e.g. Slack etc)?
Secondly, what kind of notifications are you expecting? Are you seeing alerts in the netdata dashboard but not getting alert-emails for them?
Thirdly, did the alerts ever work for you? If so then when did they stop working; were any changes made around that time?

What information do you need?
Email address on a forum is not a danger?
It’s the usual notifications, about the different failures I can solve with my customers, why is it limited?


@Luis_Johnstone thanks for jumping in on this one and trying to help on the initial troubleshooting of this.

@MisterM, could you help confirm if this issue on alert notifications missing is from Netdata Cloud or individual Netdata Agent?

If the issue is from Netdata Cloud, please share with to my email address hugo.valente at netdata.cloud your email so we can try to further investigate this.