E-mail configuration

Hi, everybody

my question is about e-mail this time.
i only want to receive an email once when there is a problem on my server. for example, if there is a problem on the weekend, I get an email every half hour with that problem. I don’t want it. i only want to receive an email about my problem once.
which configuration i need so that the notifications are sent out only once per incident.
how do I set it up?

thank you very much in advance


Some questions, are we talking about agent emails or from the cloud? Does this happen for a specific alert, or all of them?



Does the Cloud have ist own email setting? I just know that only servers have alarms.

If i’m not mistaken, it happens in all oft hem, but it’s usually abaut memory all the time

How can i solve this my Problem?


Hi @s.oezkan !

Both the Netdata agents and the cloud if those agents are claimed to the cloud, send out their own copies of email notifications for alerts.

If you receive multiple emails, it might mean that the metric being monitored goes up to a warning or critical state, then back down to clear, and then most likely repeats this cycle. Can you check if that’s the case here?