Feeding prometheus metrics to Netdata

I have containers and VMs running using the LXD hypervisor. And I expose the metrics endpoint and have got the data scraped by Prometheus.

I’ve followed the instructions shown in the below page and added the prometheus endpoint and restarted Netdata.

However, all I see is this in the netdata dashboard:

The endpoint I added to Netdata is “http://prometheus-ip:9090/metrics

Am I missing something here?

Hi. Configure Netdata to scrape LXD, not Prometheus.


Returns Prometheus internal metrics, not metrics ingested into Prometheus.

A better option would be installing Netdata (child) on the LXD host and configuring it to stream to a central Netdata (parent).

Thanks for replying.

Now I see this but not LXD’s individual containers and VMs that are currently running. Will they not be visible?


@ilyam8 Any way to make Netdata show the metrics of containers and VMs individually?

What do you mean by “show the metrics of containers and VMs individually”?

@ilyam8 I mean just like how it shows for LXC and Docker containers in the right column.

I think that is not possible right now.