Getting lambdas from aws cloudwatch to netdata cloud

Hi all, i’m trying to get metrics of aws lambdas from aws cloudwatch into netdata cloud.

I am using the latest release of YACE (yet another cloudwatch exporter) from github, not in a container. Using YACE with the debug flag and the example config from their github for lambdas, i am seeing metrics being pulled from cloudwatch. :slight_smile:
i have a prometheus exporter running on the same machine and commented out all ports except the one the exporter is running in the netdata prometheus.conf file. i added both the demo prometheus site and the local instance of my exporter but the lambda data is not appearing in netdata cloud while the demo prometheus site does.
i confirmed that i can curl the metrics from that endpoint. i am running the go.dplugin debug and see some of the info coming in but im not sure why it isnt displaying on the side as a chart when the demo site auto added. i see things like charts mentioned in what is being scraped but then no chart appears to be available in the cloud. So it seems like i am getting data to my netdata process but it doesnt go to the cloud for the lambdas. CLoudwatch is being scraped, the exporter is working to process things, connectivity is there and netdata is reading the modules as one was auto added. So i am unsure why i am not having any luck with the lambdas. I will be trying other aws services later today to see if it is just lambdas or something more.