windows_exporter params


i want to connect to whit exporter. (windows 2019 SRV monitoring)
i am using version 0.18.1.
I can’t find a solution in the help. It is possible to start so that I can also enter these:
–claim-token --claim-rooms --claim-url ?


Hello @Gabor_Szarvas and welcome into our community

If I am reading this right, you want to connect the prometheus windows exporter directly to the Netdata cloud?

Let me clarify the followings.

  1. Netdata Agent collect metrics. It can also collect metrics from any prometheus endpoint
  2. All the metrics are stored locally to the Netdata Agent
  3. Netdata Agent runs natively in unix/linux based machines. So in your case you will need a linux/unix based host which will run the Netdata Agent and it will collect metrics for your windows server from the prometheus endpoint
  4. Netdata Agents are claimed by a Netdata Cloud space. Then the Netdata cloud give you the ability to see the metrics from multiple Agents by querying their data in real time.

Thank You! :wink: I Tried.