Graph missing in new UI?

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I have an issue with the new UI of Netdata where graph seems to be missing.
I have an x509 plugin running with graph visible on the old UI (/v1)

On the new UI, I have only one graph available and I’m not even sure which certificate its checks:

My NetData version is
===$ netdata -v
netdata v1.43.0-82-nightly

Running on Ubuntu 22.04

Any idea how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance.


The new UI uses composite charts for all metrics (contexts). If you look at the second screenshot, at the top it says “Group by dimension, the SUM, 1 node, 9 certificates […]”. This means that what you see is the the sums of all timeseries for this context, grouped by dimension. This metric only uses one dimension: expiry, so the result is a single timeseries for the sum of all expiries of the 9 certificates recorded.

This is not the best representation for this context. Probably the better aggregation function here would be MIN, not SUM. However, the best choice here would be grouping by instance (certificate). Due to a bug you will have to change the visualization of this chart back to line when you alter the grouping in the dropdown. You can do that by clicking the icon in the top-right corner.

I will raise a ticket to change the default groupings for this collector.

@DeWaRs1206 The change on the default grouping has been released, so you should see charts with a line per certificate now. We chose grouping by the label source, which is unique per certificate and is better readable.

@ralphm Thanks a lot for your answer, everything seems to work now.


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@ralphm is there a way in the new UI to not GroupBy by default on the new UI?
I created a new plugin with ~10 Charts with the same data, I would like to see 10 Charts, not 1 with all the data in it.

(On the old UI, I can see my 10 charts…)