Graphs per instance at netdata cloud

sadly, in the node view of netdata cloud, the graphs of disks and network interfaces are combined into “all” and it is very annoying to call up the individual grapes via the instance selection every time.

Hi @ToffiCap . Thank you for bringing this to our attention, there is an open issue about this already here: [Bug]: Lost the possiblity to see individual charts on Single Node view · Issue #654 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

We are actively working on it and looking at how we can improve the user experience.


Disks, network interfaces, fping results, … I’m glad to hear you’re working on it, because it’s significantly degraded the usability.

Can’t see bandwidth used on a cache server, because some portion goes over two interfaces and some doesn’t, and it’s all summed up. (Actually, it’s worse, there is a 3rd interface some is routed over).

Can’t see where on the network latency or packet loss is coming from, because all the fping charts are totaled up. (Setting to group by instance helps a bit here).

Thankfully, these servers don’t have that many disks :smiley:

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