hddtemp configuration ?

Is there a clear 1,2,3 step to getting hddtemp to show up on the dashboard somewhere?

  • I have it hddtemp installed and running as a daemon.
  • I have copied the default hddtemp.conf file to /etc/netdata/python.d and reloaded netdata
  • I have verified the service hddtemp is running

There is no indicator that Netdata is recognizing anything about hddtemp in its dashboard.

Any ideas what I’m missing here?

What sayeth the group?

Hi @servermatter !

I just tested it on Ubuntu 22.04 and it seems to be working fine. Let’s check a few things:

  1. Did you follow the steps from here: Hard drive temperature monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata
  2. It’s recommended to use sudo ./edit-config python.d/hddtemp.conf rather than editing or copying configuration files manually. If you run this command, it should generate the default configuration for you, so you’d then just have to save it.
  3. Can you see any other Python plugins running through the Netdata dashboard (you can check that under “Netdata Monitoring → python.d”
  4. If you do a nc 7634, can you see your drive’s temperature?

Thanks very much for responding and so quickly.

I’ve answered your questions by creating a video and posted it on youtube so you and others can see. I will leave that here for the future lookers: