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Hddtemp in netdata docker

Can someone help me understand how I actually do this when running netdat in docker?

I can et the temp by running nc 7634 on the host. But I simply don’t understand how to precisely apply the steps in the linked guide. For starters where do I put the hddtemp.conf file?

I would start with Install Netdata with Docker | Learn Netdata
Lots of links there to understand how Netdata configuration works on docker.

Ok. I figured it out now.

would you mind sharing how you did it?

In the netdataconfig directory mounted at /etc/netdata I created the subdirectory python.d and put the hddtemp.conf file in that. I also put a python.d.conf in the netdataconfig as you can see, but I am not sure that was actually necessary.

If you want to make your container’s configuration directory accessible from the host system, see Host-editable configuration.