How can I change the default grouping for my custom Netdata collector?


I wrote a custom Netdata collector in Python for our backup solution. It runs on the client which makes the backup and it collects the last time a backup has made, as well as the size of it. I then added a couple of alarms, like a check that the backup size did not decrease within the last month or that the latest backup is not older than three hours.

Now I am in the process of adding support to monitor backups against multiple servers. I changed my configuration file to define multiple jobs, one for each backup server. Now, in the dashboard, I would like to change the default “Group By” from “dimension” to instance, because “dimension” does not really make sense in my case. How could I achieve this?

I tried to find out how the apps.plugin does this, but I’m not really proficient in C. It seems that a label is added, and then the label is used as default grouping. Could I do this from Python as well?

Many thanks for your help.