How to configure a notification when the traffic exceeds 100mbs

I’d like to edit the settings: /etc/netdata/edit-config health.d/net.conf to specify what traffic alert will be triggered when it reaches 100mb/s?
I’ve tried to edit the 1m_received_traffic_overflow alert but I am not sure how to proceed.
1m received traffic overflow

Hello @GeorgiaTs. I can identify two questions

  1. Which is the correct way to edit alert’s configuration
  2. How I can configure an alarm to be raised with traffic over 100mb/s and which is it.

Let’s try to put the things in order.

  1. Yes, you can adjust everything for your alarms with the edit-config. Here you can find a comprehensive guide for editing alarms. Follow this guide faithfully.

  2. The 1m_received_traffic_overflow alarm monitors the percentage inbound utilization. To achieve this the Netdata Agent must first understand the max network speed your interface is operating at (100Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, etc). For the record, it facilitates the interface_speed template for it.

So in your case, let’s assume that your interface is operating at 1Gbps. To configure the Agent to raise an alarm for inbound traffic greater than 100Mbps (absolute value) over the last minute, you need to adjust the warn threshold of the 1m_received_traffic_overflow alarm (here you find a guide about conditional operators and how you can interpret them) to something like warn: $this > (($status >= $WARNING) ? (7) : (10))

In this configuration your Agent will raise an alert when the inbound utilization of your interface over the last minute is greater than 10%. The alert will go away when the inbound utilization will be less than 7%.

Does it make any sense?