How to ignore disk space warnings

I’m using netdata to monitor the health of about 30 VMS Servers. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, its basically a server with a ton of large disks used as Storage targets for a large scale camera system. Unfortunately this means some of my nodes have as many as 20 disks attached and since the attached disks are used for video storage they’re always at 99% capacity more or less save for the free space used by the VMS for caching buffer. This unfortunately results in about a thousand critical disk usage emails every 20 or so minutes and to be honest its driving me up a wall. I want only critical alerts so I’m notified only of a problem with a server, netdata seems convinced that disk usage is critical, but in this use case disk usage warning are the opposite of critical

How can i turn JUST disk usage warnings off, i still want to know if theres a disk problem just not the space usage notification.


Hi @StingerSecurity ! Welcome to netdata.

You can create a custom copy of this specific alert you want (disk space usage likely) and edit it and have your own values where critical and warning is triggered.

There is more information on how to do this here → Configure health alarms | Learn Netdata

Let us know though if you need any help on this!

@StingerSecurity if you are on the nightly release channel you can disable disk space utilization alarms
by using enabled alarms:

# netdata.conf
    enabled alarms = !disk_space_usage *
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