How to show multiple zfs pools?


on the section “ZFS pools” only shows a single pool out of the three present on the system where netdata is installed

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

I tried googling for help but the only doc I found didn’t help me in any way as it doesn’t state any configuration files I could adapt: ZFS Pools | Learn Netdata

What I expected to happen

I expected to see all three ZFS pools listed here.


  1. Did you have both pools imported at the time the Netdata agent started? If not then restart the agent.
  2. If you look at the chart then one of the drop downs may contain the list of pools even though the heading at the top left takes the name of a single pool, as in my case:

Thanks for the great answer.

  1. Yes, all pools were present.
  2. Yes, I can see all other pools in that drop-down you mentioned.

It appears if I select all of them in the mentioned drop-down it will overlay all pools data on this one chart. That is mildly helpful.
Any tips on how to add them in the section on the right too?

@ovi You’re most welcome!

I can’t see a way to configure the module/collector and so I’ve raised this as a bug:


Any tips on how to add them in the section on the right too?

Not possible. The right section should be just “state”. There is a wrong sub-section name now (one of zpools name), we will fix it.

The default grouping of the chart shows the number of zpools in every state. if you find it not helpful, what do you want to see on this chart?

Well, if the subsection is simply wrongly named, that kinda makes sense. It just looked weird when it had the name of one of my pools.