HOWTO - Collect Application metrics remotely (without Agent or docker)

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Does anyone know if I can use netdata agent to collect various Application Metrics such as apache or catalina access.log file remotely (but within local network) ? We do not want to alter the remote system by either installing netdata agent or trying this with docker. Can this somehow be achieved by reading the file remotely by using ssh ?

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Hi, @pgro. No, reading files remotely is not possible. But you can gather metrics (HTTP request) from a remote Apache instance. A lot of collectors can collect metrics from remote and local instances, it is just a matter of configuration.

Sorry, I lost you, by saying remote apache instance you simply mean an HTTP pointer? I just want to analyze the access.log pattern.

Yes. Because Apache exposes some basic metrics via HTTP, see mod_status.

analyze the access.log pattern.

No, not possible.

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Thank you for your help