how to monitor an java aplication, i want to know how many request can habdle

i want to see metrics from an java aplication, i have an cloud infraestructure with kubernetes and 5 nodes. how can i cofigure that? some metrics that i want to see is request, failiure rate, resources from the java service

We have a lot of generic things for many services that I will list below. Specifically for Java, the only collector we have is for spring boot 2. There was a valiant attempt to do this about 3 years ago, but GitHub - simonnagl/netdata-java-orchestrator: Netdata Java Plugin Daemon is basically abandoned.

The generic ways of monitoring I mentioned:

Netdata was implemented via helm graph, to implement those exporters what parameter do I need to set to get this data?in githui deployed netdata on my cluster throug helm chart, what parameter do i need to config to get this data?