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I have an old version of the Netdata Agent dashboard

That’s unfortunate, but it’s easily solvable!

But why?

At some point last year, we decided to split the Netdata Agent between the core components and the dashboard. The dashboard was moved to a different GitHub repository named netdata/dashboard.

The Netdata Agent repository continues to have embedded an older version of the dashboard, so even if the no code is download from the netdata/dashboard repo, the agent is still usable.

Some maintainers of the Netdata Agent are unaware of this change since it’s not obvious as the Agent works either way!

We are working on letting maintainers know of the situation and update their packages.

How to solve this

  1. Update the Netdata Agent to the latest version, using the installed method (e.g package manager)

  2. Download the latest release of the dashboard from Releases · netdata/dashboard · GitHub

  3. Find the dashboard source files of the Netdata Agent. They should be under the directory /usr/share/netdata/web.

  4. Run ls -l and note the ownership of these files (third and fourth item of the output)

  1. Note the user and group, in the example above it is user: netdata and group: netdata.

  2. Copy the contents of the build directory into /usr/share/netdata/web.
    (Here we assume that netdata/web is under /usr/share. Depending on your OS and installation method, the directory netdata/web may exist under a different directory.

  3. Run chown -R * user group to match the ownership of the new files to those that existed. Replace user and group with the user and group that you noted from step 5.

TIP: If you are using Netdata in freeBSD:
run chown -R netdata:netdata /usr/local/share/netdata/web *

Thanks to @doug3d for this tip.

If you have any further issues, create a support topic at #support:agent-support and we will take care of it :muscle:

It’s done! Now you can use the Agent using the latest version of the Dashboard :slight_smile:

How to determine the dashboard version just by looking at it? Are there any specific signs of using outdated one?

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Hey @Habetdin,

That is a very good question.

The easiest solution is to visit the public agent bellow. If the dashboard is different, then you have the old dashboard.

Actually, it would be interesting to see if there is a way to see the exact version of the Netdata Agent. Pinging our front-end engineers to respond here :v:

There is (yet) no way to easily get the exact dashboard version, but it’s easy to detect if there is an old (more than 1 year old) version installed, which is looking like: netdata dashboard

The most obvious differences are the navbars.
If the dashboard looks very similar to, then most likely it is the current one, ie. latest available at the time that Agent was released.

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