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Impossible to post topic

I keep getting an error that my topic post has more than 2 links when it has none. This is very disappointing.

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Hi @therealgilles,

I am so sorry that you encountered this. I am not sure why it happened, since it has never been reported. Can you share a screenshot of the post?

Let me know If I can help you in any other way :slight_smile:

Fwiw, you might try walking through the tutorial – doing so earns you some badges which tends to relax the restrictions discourse places on new accounts.

(I made the mistake of dismissing it for this instance, and I regret it – I need to write some automation that talks to it so that I can earn the points instead…)

me neither. new user. skipped the boring welcome instructions.



Fwiw, you might try walking through the tutorial

I don’t have time for this, I just want to ask a question and go away waiting for answers. I have even forgot wtf I was going to ask, luckily with saved draft

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I’ll just ask here:

If I use / docs/agent/packaging/installer/methods/offline method for an offline centos 6 (forum does not allow me to post link), do I still need the optional rpms mentioned here: /docs/agent/packaging/installer/methods/manual#centos-rehel-6-x? liblz4, Judy and openssl

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We want to offer a super UX to our users, and we believe that sticking around to the community is worth the time.

Try to post the question on the #support:agent-support now :wink:

still getting the same error. why do you not use github that works flawless instead? this forum is a total waste of time. goodbye