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No optional tags available for 'Support - Netdata Agent Support'

When trying to submit a question in the above area a tag is required. When clicking the ‘+’ for optional tags nothing shows up. I’ve tried three browsers, Firefox 83.0, Brave 1.14.84 and Chrome 87.0.4280.66. None of them show anything in the optional tags area unless I select Uncategorized.

Uncategorized will show optional tags

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@OdysLam, please, can you take a look on this?

Thank you @chris.pollock for bringing this up. As you know, we just shipped the forums, so we are still figuring out the details and ironing out some quirks.

When I fix this I will come back here to verify. Thank you @Thiago_Marques_0 for pinging me :slight_smile:

Hey @chris.pollock,

I think the issue is fixed now. Can you please verify?

Sorry to say @OdysLam but I still get no tags under 'Support - Netdata Agent Support! '. Tried Brave and Firefox both show tags with Netdata Cloud Support and Uncategorized:

Hey @chris.pollock,

I can’t reproduce the issue. Moreover, no other user has posted anything similar. I can’t a setting that could have caused this.

The Netdata-agent tags are available for you only in the uncategorized category?

Thanks for helping me figure this out :slight_smile:

Good morning @OdysLam and thank you for your reply. I can get the optional tags in every category ‘except’ for Netdata-Agent support. I realize that the ‘tags’ are helpful especially in the support areas however if they’re ‘optional’ why is is that without a tag questions can’t be posted?

For the support categories, the tags represent the areas of the agent that are affected, thus I thought that it would be best to force this to the user so that they don’t omit them.

Do you believe that this is unreasonable? I am very open to user feedback. After all, this is your community as well :pray:

I think tags are important as they can narrow down what the support question is in reference to especially when doing a search. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to force them and as I’m the only one to have this issue I don’t think any changes should be made in the format. If I have any agent questions from now on I’ll just post them as ‘Uncategorized’ and ask that they be moved to the Agent forum. No need to make any changes on just my behalf. Note - I just tried with Opera and have the same issue.

I also have the same issue but wasn’t able to post a report because of it.

@OdysLam, please see the comment above this one. @kinsham says he’s having the same issue as I am.

Hey @chris.pollock and @kinsham,

Thank you for your patience while I was trying to debug this issue. I didn’t find the root cause, so I disabled this option. I know it must have been frustrating.

@chris.pollock thanks again for your continuing presence here. It is very much appreciated.


You’re very welcome @OdysLam always glad to post in forums. FYI now that you’ve disabled the mandatory tag option they’ve showed up again.

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That’s perfect, glad to hear that @chris.pollock.

Stick around and if you have any other ideas/feedback for the forum, I would love to hear them!

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