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This alert presents the number of IPMI sensors in the non-nominal state.
If this alert is received, then there are IPMI sensors in the warning or critical state.

  • This alert is raised in a warning state when the amount of sensors in a warning state are greater
    than 0.
  • If there are any sensors in a critical state, then the alert is also raised to critical.

References and Sources
  1. “ipmi-sensors” manual page

Troubleshooting Section

Use "ipmi-sensors" tools

ipmi-sensors is a free software used to display sensor information (the package name is “freeipmi-tools”).

Here are some useful commands:

-v, --verbose Output verbose sensor output.
This option will output additional information about sensors such as thresholds, ranges,
numbers, and event/reading type codes.

–output-sensor-state Output sensor state in output.
This will add an additional output reporting if a sensor is in a NOMINAL, WARNING, or CRITICAL
state. The sensor state is an interpreted value based on the current sensor event. The sensor
state interpretations are determined by the configuration file

You can see more options in the manual page.