Long term archival / backup and restore


I would like to archive the data, that is collected by Netdata for about two years, with full granularity.
Since I am aware, that Netdata is not intended for this, (and that my use case is a bit scuffed) I have developed the following workaround:

I have two Netdata Docker containers.
One collects all of the Data, the other one may be used to selectively view part of the archived data.
The Data is archived by a cron job, that periodically moves the .ndf and .njf files from the collection node to a magnetic tape.

There is a script, that may be used to restore old files, for a certain time frame. These files are copied to a directory, that is mounted to the viewer container.

My Problem:

The viewer container deletes the .ndf and .njf files on startup.

Attempted fixes:
I have given both containers the same /var/lib/netdata/registry/netdata.public.unique.id.

I theorized, that both containers having different UIDs may be causing the Problem. However giving both the same one has not fixed this.

Does anyone have further ideas?

Hi @Elas ,

What version of Netdata are you using ?


Hi @Stelios_Fragkakis ,

I am running the Dockerized version of Netdata FROM netdata/netdata.
Currently I have v1.31.0-499-nightly running in the container.