metric correlation broken


metric correlation broken is broken for more than a month. Before it worked OK. Now I select date range. Click metric correlation. Then scroll to show less. It says “Analysed 6418 and found 3 correlated metrics.” but when I’m scrolling I see all graphs. Nothing is filtered out

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

google chrome

What I expected to happen

See only few charts after metric correlation

thanks @ben - just looking at this now and looks like could be some sort of bug - i’ll investigate and create a bug once i can pin it down.

thanks again @ben for reporting - i have created a bug here: [Bug]: Metric Correlations filters not being applied · Issue #710 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

wow lovely thank you.

Can’t wait to use this feature again. Because now I have to scroll all graphs to see relevant data :smiley: heh


@ben thanks for reporting this, while doing a bit more investigation on this one it was identified that this only happens on the Single Node view tab. has a workaround, till we fix the bug, please use MC on the Overview tab. it works even if you filter by one node only.

I’ve tried using overview tab

Filtered to show only one node out of 11
did MC
And result is same I’m always seeing all graphs. Am I doing something wrong for this workaround ?

I think the difference is that I was applying the filter from the Global Node filters.

Hope you can manage to use it like this.

It seems we found another bug… will also raise one for this one about the filter on right-hand bar on Overview.

Ok now it’s usable. Thank you. I will patiently wait for main issue fix :slight_smile: