Missing Kubelet Data in netdata.cloud

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The majority of metrics under k8s kubelet are reporting zeros.

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What I expected to happen

For one example, I would expect to see 6 for Number Of Pods Currently Running (k8s_kubelet.kubelet_pods_running) on the node I’m looking at in netdata cloud (or looking at the node directly via $KUBENODE:19999/).

If I open a shell in the netdata child pod on that node and execute curl | grep kubelet_running_pods I get kubelet_running_pods 6. But all charts report 0.

I do see non-zero values in netdata.cloud (and on host directly) for Bytes Used By The Pod Logs On The Filesystem (k8s_kubelet.kubelet_pods_log_filesystem_used_bytes).

This is all running on a Microk8s v1.22.6 cluster and netdata was deployed via helm (via fluxcd).

Kubelet config:
data: |
update_every: 1
- url:
timeout: 5
- url: https://localhost:10250/metrics
tls_skip_verify: yes
timeout: 5

Hi, @jotojoto1324. The number of running pods/containers is fixed in fix(k8s_kubelet): handle some renamed metrics by ilyam8 · Pull Request #674 · netdata/go.d.plugin · GitHub and will be in the upcoming release.